Facebook hacks are common enough stories that they almost transcend into the level of urban legends. There’s always the friend of a friend whose account was supposedly hacked. Or it could be “someone” in the office who allegedly tried logging in and cannot, only to find out later on that his account sent porn links to everyone on his Facebook friends list.

The thing is it somehow always happens to someone else. This is enough to put people on their toes, but never enough to actually do something about it. And therein lays the problem.

Hacking Facebook accounts is easy

Hacking into a Facebook account is actually very easy. Try going on Google. Enter Facebook hack on the search bar. Before you know it, you are not only bombarded with all the ways to do it, most of them also include step by step guides.

Here we’re going to discuss one of the more popular Facebook hacking techniques, keylogging, and what you can do to safeguard your account from it.

First things first, what is keylogging?

how to i hack facebook account
People are frequently interested in unique means to hack a FB password

In a nutshell, keyloggers are programs installed on your computer without you knowing about it. Hacking a Facebook account is no easy job, even so there exists websites out there such as Hayy who boast of being in a position to hack Facebook accounts on a consistent basis. Its purpose is simple. It captures all the keystrokes you do on the machine and all the information is gathered and sent to the hacker via email or an internet-based server that has been set up especially for the purpose of receiving your data.

The scary thing about keylogging is it captures everything. Remember, every keystroke is logged. That means anything and everything you access is noted down. Unlike phishing scams that only target a specific login, keyloggers have the potential to get all of them. It’s not unheard of a keylogger to acquire data that will let him access the victim’s Facebook account, email accounts, credit card information, PayPal password and many others. Keyloggers can even read entire private chats on Skype and other chat systems. Such is the power of the keylogger tool.

And you know what’s worse? Everyone with access to the internet can learn how to download and install the keylogging software. The software usually comes cheap and installation is so easy it doesn’t need any special computer skills to do.

What the keylogger monitors

facebook hacking account
Hacking Facebook accounts is less complicated than it could seem

To sum it up, a keylogger will monitor:

• every single thing you type on the keyboard after opening the file (yes, even the ones you just copy-pasted)

• voice recordings

• video recordings

• all websites visited (with screenshots of browsing activity)

• all the files accessed

How is your computer infected?

• someone (that you likely know) can install the software on your pc while you’re not watching

• through an infected USB drive

• from downloading cracks from the internet

• from downloading and installing programs from torrents

• by visiting websites that exploit the vulnerability of browsers

Experts will tell you that the simplest way to stop a keylogging attack is to have antivirus programs installed. But does that really work?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is a solid “maybe.” Antivirus programs detect known keyloggers. So as long as the hacker is using a keylogging software that’s already been recorded, then yes, your antivirus will probably alert you of the attempt to hack your system. Sadly, technology is evolving at a pace so fast that even stuff like new hacking software can appear daily. And if the software isn’t really known, then it can potentially bypass the antivirus program you have installed. Some skilled hackers can also make some modifications to the old keylogger code. This way, even if it’s a known software, the antivirus still won’t be able to detect it.

Should you be worried then?

That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you all along! Yes you should worry. Keyloggers are a real threat. If you have anything valuable stored on your pc, then it’s reasonable to be concerned about how secure your system may be.

How can you protect yourself from keyloggers?

to hack a facebook account
Unique Facebook account hacks are created day by day

1. Antivirus – even with the perceived loophole mentioned above, an antivirus program can still work wonders in detecting and keeping out the threats

2. Prevention – Just don’t download anything that looks suspicious

3. Virtual Machine – these are programs that let you run multiple operating systems on one pc at the same time. Safe things can be installed in the main OS while the rest of the data can go to the virtual machine.

4. Onscreen keyboard – Use your mouse to enter keystrokes on the onscreen keyboard. Even if your pc has been compromised with a keylogging software, it can’t capture anything if nothing is typed on the actual keyboard.

Keylogging is a real threat. We cannot stress that enough. Do not run the risk of letting your pc be infected and end up losing so much. Take steps to protect yourself from keyloggers today